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Roulette Guy Secret - Roulette System That Never Loses!

Welcome to my Roulette System web site!

Hello, my name is Michael. Glad to see you here!

Why did I create this web site? It's simple —

I have solved the secret to playing online roulette and winning on a regular basis.

Yes, it's possible to beat the game of roulette
using my 100% winning roulette system!

It's true. YES, it is!

There are a lot of people who are now saying "no, it's impossible" or "the house always wins". Well... if you're one of them, then this site isn't for you. Bye. For everyone else, just keep on reading.

Some years ago I thought in much the same way as you, that roulette couldn't be beaten! But nevertheless, I continued to search for a  way to regularly win at roulette instead of just from time to time at the whim of lady luck. And, after investing almost half of my life and thousands of lost dollars and a heap of the frazzled nerves, I found it! Roulette winning system exists!

No, it's not a joke. In the past few years I went to casinos like they were my ATM. I can win as much money at roulette as I need. Until today it was my secret. And I never thought that I would tell anyone this secret. I mean, why pass on the hen that lays the golden eggs?

So why am I revealing my roulette secret now? Why? Well, sad to say, I have been diagnosed with an incurable disease and my time is limited. I spent half of my life trying to beat roulette, searching for roulette system that works. And when it becomes possible, my life comes to an end. Can you imagine how I feel now? No, I don't need your pity or condolences. I only know that I wish to devote all my remaining time to my children and family instead of spending it at the roulette table like I used to. Sorry, I'm getting off track here, but I wanted you to understand where I was coming from and why I have decided to reveal my secret roulette system.

I created this web site to show people that in the game of roulette, it is really possible to win and do it regularly, even every day! Absolutely, without risk to losing your own money! Sounds like a dream, doesn't it? Well, it was a my dream too. And like the saying goes, dreams eventually do come true.

And now I am ready to reveal my secret roulette system to you. Once you learn it, you can regularly make money playing roulette, without any risk! You can make how much money you want and whenever you want...

This is just my welcome message if you haven't noticed yet.

The rest of this site is about my secret roulette system and how to win at roulette. It's also about what NOT to do. You won't regret spending some a few minutes of your time here because from this point forward, your life will be completely changed. For the better!


My Roulette Winning System

Well, it's time to tell you about my secret system to winning at roulette.

I spent 23 years of my life and lost thousands of dollars engineering my system to regularly win at roulette. And I did it! So now, with my secrets of success, I can win as much money in casinos as I want.

But don't be worried, I will show you some examples of how it has worked for me. And for those who love theory, I'll even show you the statistical results of my roulette winning system. I did this especially for you, so that you would be convinced that on even on 22,000 spins of a roulette ball, my winnings continue to grow and grow:

Online Casino Bankroll Trend Graph

I think
even on 1 000 000 spins, the results would be the same!

But I'm already a believer, my roulette system has been already proven by my own experience in the past several years. And it works!

And here is the proof. Here's a screenshot of my account balance at an online casino that I'm currently playing at:

My online Casino account balance balance is $7,560 REAL MONEY

As you can see, my balance is $7,560 and it's REAL MONEY! Do you need more proof???

Cash I've earned using my Winning Roulette System

Ok, here's the transaction history of my account (for the purpose of safety I have blurred codes
of transactions and my credit card numbers):

Online Casino Transaction History

And this shows the complimentary points which I have earned while was playing in this online casino:

I've made bets that TOTAL more than $719,600 playing roulette

71,960 Comp Points! That's right. For every $10 you bet in any game, you earn 1 Comp Point.

As you can see here, I have made bets that total more than $719,600 and I continue to win!

What other kind of proof do you need? Here's more screenshots of my online casino accounts (click on images to enlarge):

Online Casino Screenshot     Live Dealer Roulette System

European Roulette System     French Roulette System

I don't even know what else I can tell you, unless to invite you to my house, give you a ride in my sports car so you can see everything that I have won with your own eyes. Nope, not gonna happen... :)

I can feel you getting excited already. I have shown you all these screenshots because a lot of people say that it's impossible to beat the roulette table. But it IS possible, and you can see it by your own eyes! And you can do it as well! All you need to know is just what to bet and where to bet. And you will learn it from my roulette system. All that is required from you is to simply follow my simple set of instructions! And it's all quite easy!

I could share the secrets of my roulette winning system with everyone, right here on this web page. But I have decided not to because I don't want it to become one of the many "100% winning" winners that are all so readily available. And my roulette system is not like that.

All these "proven, no lose" roulette systems and roulette strategies have been tested by me personally, and NONE of them worked in the long-term! At first I won some money, but then I lost it all. And then I lost more, more than I had won already. Sound familiar? I hope you understand me now about why I do not wish to reveal my roulette secrets to just anyone. Besides, I have lost a lot of time and money engineering this winning system for roulette.

But that doesn't mean that I'm keeping it all a secret. That's why I created this web site. And that's why I'm trying to tell you that a roulette winning system exists! And as you have probably already guessed, I have decided to share my winning roulette system with a limited number of people. That is, with people who have already had experience playing roulette. With people who have tried hundreds of various roulette strategies and lost hundreds and even thousands of dollars doing so. With people, that were just like me.

So, if you are really interested in winning at roulette table and not just in leaving the winning to chance, I will reveal to you my secret system of the game.

So, how you can get it? Read below!

Casino Chips

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Casino & Roulette Scam

Warning: Avoid the scammers!

Scam #1 — Doubling Lost Bets
This is the most common scam that you'll find on the internet. Just type into Google "make $300 in 5 minutes playing roulette" and you'll easily find a long list of scamming sites. Most of them will even give you their "winning system" for absolutely free. It's not even a system, actually. They just tell you to bet $1 on red. If you lose, put $2 on red. If lose again, bet $4 and so on and so on. Just keep doubling your bet until you win. They will assure you that the chance of seeing 10 blacks in a row is just 0.05 % according to probability theory. Unfortunately, it's not true. If everything were so simple, casinos would close their roulette tables with because of the losses this would incur.

From my the experience I can tell you that I have seen 16 blacks in a row in a B&M (brick & mortar) casino and 23 reds in an online casino! Try to count how much money you would lose playing this strategy!

So, where's the catch? Why do they intentionally force you to lose? Well, I'll tell you the truth... Have you noticed a lot of flashing banners from different online casinos on these scammer web sites?

Avoid flashing Casino Banners

And do you know why they advertise like this? All these sites that advise you to play on their "absolutely 100% winning" system initially know that you will lose! So, if you believe that you can beat a casino with such an easy strategy, you'll click on a banner with the recommended casino, then register a new account, make a deposit and... LOSE ALL YOUR MONEY!

This might shock you to hear that the scammer site will receive up to 50% of the money you lose at the clicked casino. Yes, the money goes right into their bank account. How can this be?? Because the scammer is AFFILIATED with the casino. The scammer site shows the banner of the casinos and receives a commission based on how much you LOSE!

Casino Revenue Share Scam

If you need some more information about it, or just do not believe me you can click here, or here, or just Google it.

Now is it all clear? Be careful of scammer sites with dazzling banners offering you "100% FREE winning roulette systems".
Or even more worse — websites or blogs with fake roulette system "reviews" (Do you see banners? They are casino affiliates too!).

P.S. Here are just a few examples of casino affiliate links (you can easily see them in your browser window if you click on banner):

Avoid Casino Affiliate Links - This is SCAM!

Scam #2 — Roulette Bots
As I already wrote above, scammers receive commissions from the advertised casinos. The same is applicable to the majority of sellers of roulette bots (automated software for playing online roulette). But besides the commissions from the casino, the scammers earn money on sales from their software! And they also have affiliated links on their web sites. If you click on these links, you will be told that if you advertise their software and generate a sale you will receive a commission from them!
And what is the best way to sell software? Just write a fake positive review about it! When someone finds an interesting roulette-busting software, they'll Google it and find the review with good positive feedback. But once you buy it, you'll lose your money twice. First the money you paid for the software, and then the money you'll lose at the casino USING the software.

How? Very simple! The roulette bot — just a robot program with software script, follows the rules that are written into it. For example, if the red has not shown up for 6 times, the bot starts betting on red, using a martingale progression. But as you already know, all this doesn't work:

Super Roulette, Roulette Bot Pro, R-Bet, Roulette Raid, Roulette Raper, Roulette Killer, Roulette Sniper, Roulette Assault, etc.

I have bought pretty much bought all of these and NONE of them worked! I have lost more than $4,000 at various casinos, not including the money I spent to buy the software!). You may ask why I continued to allow those bots to lose my money? Well, I really believed that I could make money using them. Especially after I read all that good reviews that I found on the web. Check the videos on YouTube as the program earns hundreds of dollars in just a few minutes! And I trusted them to the last! Until I had lost all of my money and realized that I had been scammed!

Roulette Bots or Betting Software is SCAM

My advice — be careful of roulette bots and all other crappy roulette winning software! Do not believe what people write in reviews and show you on YouTube. All videos where you see how it is easy to win $300 in 5 minutes were made using "Play money", not the real money! Take a look at the screenshot below of what these actually look like in case you don't know. The box that in fun mode says "Play for real money" and in real money mode says "Cashier." Now you know that all that fast winnings is FAKE!

Roulette Fake Money

Scam #3 — Fake People Testimonials
Need I say anything more?

Fake Roulette System Testimonials

Please attention: on my web site you will not find anything even close to this BS!

P.S. Check out my video testimonials below — REAL people ONLY!

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My Roulette System Testimonials

Your Testimonial about my Roulette System is Here Send me your video testimonial:

If you were satisfied with my roulette system...
Well, I bet you do!
You can make a "Thank you" video and to me.
I will post it here.




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Roulette System FAQ's System FAQ's

My Roulette System FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions about my Roulette System

Q: The Internet is full of scammers, I'm fed up of buying roulette strategies and software which doesn't win at roulette but just loses my money. How do I know that you're not just one of them?
A: Well, it's up to you. This is the only website that offers a roulette system which REALLY works 100% of the time making it simply impossible to lose! It's like a guide to making money at the roulette table! You will not find anything that even comes close to my roulette system on the internet.

Q: Does your roulette system wait until a color fails to appear a certain amount of times and then put stakes on it using progression?
A: No, not even close. Such roulette strategies are simply doomed to failure. My roulette system uses only play on numbers. This most favorable method reduces the advantage of the casino to a minimum.

Q: How much money can I earn using your secret roulette system?
A: Well, it all depends on you. It depends on how much time you'll be playing roulette and what your starting bankroll is. I earn on average $7,000 to $10,000 a month, playing for 3 to 5 hours per day.

Q: Can you guarantee that I will make money?
A: If you accurately follow my roulette system rules and don't vary from the instructions, then there is no variation in the results. For example, it's important to choose the correct chip size according to your bankroll. But everything else will be written in the instructions you'll receive once you buy the roulette system.

Q: I live in USA, I can use your winning roulette system here?
A: Yes, you can use this roulette system both in B&M casinos and online casinos which accept US players.

Q: Is it difficult to use your system for roulette?
A: No, once you have read the instructions to the system you will know what you need to do.

Q: Does your roulette system require a large bankroll?
A: It depends on a chip size that you use. A minimum recommended bankroll is $50 to play with minimum size chips.

Q: If your roulette system is as good as you claim, why are you selling it?
A: Like I said before, I've been using my roulette winning system for many years already and it has never failed me. Before, I have tried all other possible roulette systems, roulette strategies, roulette software and ALL of them lost my money sooner or later! And I never thought to reveal this secret I developed to anybody. But doctors have diagnosed me with a serious disease. It's not pleasant for me to speak about it, but my days are numbered. Therefore I have decided to share my roulette secrets with all interested people.

Q: Why then are you selling this roulette system, instead of giving it away free of charge?
A: I've already answered this question. While I was developing this system for roulette, I spent many years of my life and thousands of dollars at the casinos. I value the time that I spent doing it. And consequently I do not want this system to go to just anyone "simply for free".

Q: You say that you live in Las Vegas, but you also show a William Hill betting site... I know that William Hill does not allow USA players to play. How can you explain this?
A: My wife is from UK, so I'm able to play at any Playtech casinos (including William Hill Casino).

Q: Can I share this roulette system with other people after I buy it?
A: The answer is no. I would strongly recommend you not do this since the system is unique and you paid money for it. To protect both you as a user and me as a seller only the person who purchased my roulette system may use it. So keep it for yourself and use it for your personal enrichment, like I did.

Q: How soon after payment I will receive your roulette system ebook?
A: Right after your payment is confirmed, you will receive a link to download it.

Q: How can I contact you?
A: If you have any questions, you can always contact me via

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Roulette Guy Secret eBook Download

Well, when I thought about what I wanted to receive in exchange for my roulette secrets, I'll let you know, various things came to my mind. But I decided in the end to ask for money. Yes, it's boring, but money is accepted to pay off everything nowadays...

So I had to come up with a price. How much was my secret worth? This secret, which will allow you to never worry about your financial well-being in the future, will lead you to a happy life. That's priceless, no? Yes, I think so too. But I have made my decision and I will stick with it.

Like I said before, I would never dare reveal this to you if not for the one thing, my days are numbered... What will happen after that?
I do not know. I would REALLY like to get into paradise. Therefore I will try to do as much good as I can before passing on:

  • First, I will reveal this secret to anyone who is interested. People who really understand that it is not just words, this is a working roulette system that will bring you money every time you use it!

  • And secondly, half of the money that I receive from the sale of my secrets will be given to charity. Including a part of my own money which I earned using my system. I consider that in life it is important to be good to people. And it will return a hundred-fold!

So, the price of my roulette system is... well, actually it's priceless!

My system is easily worth $1,000 or even more! But you will not be paying that much for it today.
I am going to offer it at the most insane price I could think of, without just "giving" it away!
The roulette system which I spent half my life, along with a heap of nerves and thousands of dollars...

I am going to offer it for...

My Roulette System eBook

Yes, only ninety nine dollars! But before you'll buy it, think one more time:

  • Are you really happy with that money which you now win in roulette? Or are you still losing more than winning?

  • And how many times have you lost this same amount of money in a roulette game?

  • And how many more times will you lose it again? Or do you just count on luck...?

The decision is up to you. Think about it...
I'm offering you the chance to never count on luck again. And NEVER lose in a roulette game. EVER!

But wait, there's MORE...!

I am happy to inform you, that our new 2-hour video training course, how to make money playing roulette, with a full description and demonstration of my new winning roulette system is now available!

We have specially developed this educational video course for those people who cannot come to our live roulette system seminars in Vegas.
So I tried to make this educational video course absolutely clear and accessible to everyone!

  • This video contains all the information about my top secret roulette system #7 which you will not find inside my eBook.

  • Following it, you can make money playing roulette without any risk and make gaming in a casino your job. A pleasant job!
    After all you know how pleasant it is to win. And it's twice as pleasing to do it constantly with this proven roulette system.

  • This video will be useful for both beginning and advanced roulette players.

Well, it's time to announce the price... I won't torture you and will tell you right now.

This roulette system video + my eBook will be available
for a very limited time under this special price:

You can get them both as low as...
$297 regular price
$99 today!

Click Here to Order Right Now!

So if you are really bothered by losing at roulette and you wish to start to make money playing roulette, every day,
without depending on luck, you need to read my roulette system ebook and watch this video training course.

SPECIAL OFFER: Roulette System eBook + Video Course

You must buy now to avoid disappointment. This is a special offer and it will not be repeated in future.
If you miss out on this offer please don't email me asking to reintroduce it, I will not be able to, sorry.

100% Winning Roulette System Guarantee

Also, I am so confident that you will absolutely love my roulette system that I am giving anyone who trials my roulette system online or at their local casino a full refund within the first 60 days if for any reason my system is not for you. 100% Risk-Free!

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